Increased Number Of Female Dental Fitout Clients

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We noticed that the number of our female clients was growing. We wondered if it was just us or if there was a trend. So we looked into it to make sure our dental fitout company truly knew our clients and their needs.


It turns out we were right. Upon surveying our complete database including past and present clients and all dentists that we have in our database over the last 10 years that the dental workforce has seen a huge increase in the number of women dentists. In 2008 women made up 39% of dentists within our client base. Today that number is 47%. And interestingly among dentists under 35, about 55% are female.

We did some broader research and found that in Europe it is suggested that currently about 60% of dentists are women, with the top number being 74% in Finland.


So we wondered why this is the case and what should we do to make sure our dental fitout design and construction company is making the most of this opportunity.

Possible reasons include that fact that dentistry allows greater flexibility with working hours than many other professions. I also think that many patients just feel more relaxed being treated by a female dentist.


For us I think it means we need to communicate clearly with our clients. Our female clients are often more in tune with the design process and provide excellent ideas in this area. If we can provide a good channel of communication during the design phase it will help us meet our client expectations. Male clients are less interested in the design we find.

Of course we enjoy equally working with both male and female clients and will always strive to tailor our fitout designs and construction to best suit each client.


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